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About Me


Hi! I'm Mae.

Thank you for stopping by! This site is dedicated to spreading God’s truth through the power of story and discussing books from the perspective that there is one greatest book of all: the Bible.

I am a born-again Christian (meaning I have accepted Jesus as my savior from my sins) and I believe that Jesus is our one-way ticket to an abundant relationship with God. I believe that Jesus is love. You can find my statement of belief here.

I write Christian fiction. From my writing you can expect: JESUS (I write in the hopes of showcasing His true message of LOVE and PEACE which I feel often gets warped in this world); discussion of how we are beloved by God and how He can help us navigate our lives; dystopian, sci-fi, or alternate historical settings; diversity; mental illness representation; and some romance.

From me, you can expect all this, plus a love of Jesus, cats, musicals, homemade oatmeal cookies, British television, books of 500+ pages, NF, and Harry Potter. I'm a proud Slytherin. 


As a Christian, it is forever my goal to become more like my Savior. BUT, I struggle. I live an imperfect life. I have guilty pleasures. I make mistakes. I am trying. I am broken, and every time God gathers my shattered pieces and pulls me back together, I grow. I am growing.

I invite you to grow with me.


Thank you. 

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