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About Me


Hi! I'm Mae.

Thank you for stopping by! Welcome to my home on the Internet!

I am a born-again Christian (meaning I have accepted Jesus as my savior from my sins) and I believe that Jesus is our one-way ticket to an abundant relationship with God. I believe that Jesus is love. You can find my statement of belief here.

I write YA, NA, and Adult Christian fiction. From my writing you can expect: JESUS (I write in the hopes of showcasing His true message of LOVE and PEACE which I feel often gets warped in this world); discussion of how we are beloved by God and how He can help us navigate our lives; dystopian, sci-fi, or alternate historical settings; diversity; mental illness representation; and some romance. Stories have changed my life for the better, and I pray that the words God gives me can do the same for you.

From me, you can expect all this, plus a love of Jesus, cats, Broadway musicals, chocolate chip cookies, British television, books of 500+ pages, NF, and all things Harry Potter. I'm a proud Slytherin. 


As a Christian, it is forever my goal to become more like my Savior. BUT, I struggle. I live an imperfect life. I have guilty pleasures. I am trying. I am broken, and every time God gathers my shattered pieces and pulls me back together, I grow. I am growing.

I invite you to grow with me.


Thank you. 

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